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MADASS - Monitoring and Data Acquisition Storage System

The MADASS is a Monitoring and Data Acquisition Storage System, designed to meet the recommendations of FAA Advisory Circular 150/5220-10C relating to performance standards of ARFF vehicles. The MADASS not only meets the minimum monitoring criteria identified in the circular, but also integrates directly into the LG Alert™, a rollover warning device designed to assist drivers in recognizing when they are exceeding the safe operating limits of their vehicle.

Reference: FAA Advisory Circular - AC150/5220-10C, Section 3, Item #28, sub-item (h):

The purchaser may specify a monitoring and data acquisition system (MADAS) for the collection of
various performance measurements to monitor, as a minimum, the following:

  1. Vehicle speed
  2. Vehicle heading
  3. Lateral acceleration
  4. Vertical acceleration
  5. Longitudinal acceleration and deceleration
  6. Engine rpm
  7. Throttle position
  8. Steering input
  9. Vehicle braking input (pedal position and brake pressure)
  10. Date, time, and location for all data collected

The MADAS shall be capable of storing the measurements and the time intervals, starting at least 120 seconds before and ending at least 15 seconds after any serious incident. The system shall be designed so that the data being recorded will not be lost or overwritten immediately after the incident due to the use of an emergency shutoff or a master electrical disconnect switch.








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