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Driver Rollover Warning Systems

Protecting your drivers, safeguarding your business.

Helping to Prevent Rollovers 

Fleet managers are deeply concerned about vehicle rollovers as they pose significant challenges. The costs associated with rollovers are notably high, encompassing expenses related to insurance, repairs, and downtime. More critically, rollovers can lead to severe consequences, including the loss of life or injuries. Stability Dynamics offers rollover warning devices for straight chassis application, designed to help prevent rollovers and protect your drivers.


For ARFF Vehicles, LG Alert™& MADASS™ devices are fully compliant with FAA 150/5220-10E.



CleanRide UV-C® is an innovative and cost-effective solution designed to keep industry mission-critical fleets, service and equipment vehicles clean and work ready. This system works by reducing the risk of viral cross-contamination through the use of medical grade UV-C LED technology. This helps to keep drivers and passengers safe by reducing the spread of harmful pathogens like COVID, Hepatitis and Tuberculosis.

Vehicle Rollover Warning Devices

To address the pressing issue of rollovers, Stability Dynamics offers driver safety solutions tailored to help reduce the risk of fleet vehicle rollovers specifically in straight chassis applications. industries, such as Fire Fighting, Waste Management, and Concrete sectors. These innovative devices employ both visual and audio alerts, providing drivers with escalating warning signals as the likelihood of a rollover increases. These advanced safety measures are designed to enhance driver awareness and help prevent potential accidents.


Furthermore, the incorporated data acquisition capabilities enable comprehensive vehicle monitoring and incident re-creation, allowing fleet managers to gain valuable insights and take proactive measures to ensure the safety of their fleet operators.



Demonstration Kits are available for no obligation trial.

  • Visual Display of Lateral Force provides Situational awareness of risks resulting in improved operational performance

  • Avoid costly repairs, insurance claims, and lawsuits

  • Workplace readiness multiplier

  • Stay compliant with regulations and safety standards

The LG Alert™ offers the only lateral acceleration system to have signal active filtering to eliminate chassis noise that causes false alarms.

ARFF Rollover Warning
Garbage Truck Rollover Warning
Concrete Truck Rollover Prevention
Rollover Prevention Solutions

Vehicle Rollover Prevention Solutions

Lateral ‘g’ forces, the forces exerted when vehicles corner or are operated on a side slope, are responsible for most large vehicle rollovers. These types of accidents are also the most costly in terms of both loss of life and damages.

Stability Dynamics' suite of rollover warning devices have been designed to address this issue by providing drivers with real-time feedback. The devices integrate a combination of sensors and algorithms that can monitor a vehicle's speed, acceleration, and other parameters. If the device detects that the vehicle is at risk of rolling over, it will alert the driver with both audible and visual warnings.

LG Alert™

For vehicles with a high center of gravity, dynamic load, subjected to high cornering speeds and/or operate on uneven terrain.

LG Alert Rollover Warning


Monitoring and Data Acquisition Storage System relating to performance standards of Fire Fighting vehicles.

Fire Truck Rollover Prevention.png


For enhancing driver's situational awareness regarding the lateral acceleration forces exhibited on their vocational vehicle.


commercial vehicle rollover

Stability Dynamics' products are installed in 000s of commercial, emergency, and military vehicles in over 100 countries, and have helped reduce ARFF rollovers in North America by over 90% within the first few years of introduction.

  • Oshkosh, Rosenbauer, E-One, IVECO, Kovatch, Pierce, Lafarge, SIDES

  • OEM sales handled in house

  • Special unit/pricing for Oshkosh new unit sales

Safely exploit the high performance capabilities of military and emergency vehicles.


CleanRide UV-C®

CleanRide UV-C® medical grade UV-C LED light system is designed to effectively clean the surfaces and the air in vehicles, killing 99.9% of viruses* and reducing the risk of viral cross contamination.

To support the safety of all those professionals who are at risk of exposure through sharing multi-user vehicles, CleanRide offers the safest and most effective method for cleaning both the surface and air in minutes.

Vehicle UV-C clean surfaces and air
“The drivers have acquired a sense of security and are now able to maximize the performance of the vehicles while maintaining a high level of confidence. These devices will definitely improve safety and reduce rollovers.”

-Deputy Canadian Forces Fire Marshall-

“The operators now know how to maintain a safe speed and respond without putting the vehicle over its limits and a possible rollover”

-William Hutfilz ARFF Training Officer McCarran International Airport, Las Vegas, NV-


“It has been my observation that drivers immediately demonstrated a positive response to the use of your “G” Force Indicator aid”

Joseph Wright President ARFF Technical
Services Inc., Ocala, FL

“The Lateral ‘G’ system has been extremely beneficial as it provides the Driver-Operator with an early warning of pending danger and provides ample opportunity to correct the problem before an accident occurs”

-Bill Wekenborg Division Commander Dallas Fort Worth International Airport, Dallas, TX-

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