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For vehicles with a high centre of gravity.

The R’Over™ is geared towards on-road fleet vehicles subjected to rollovers in high cornering speeds,  dynamic loads or by design has a high centre of gravity such as waste and concrete trucks. 


Based on the successful features of the LG Alert™, the R’Over™ is designed for single chassis, offering drivers enhanced situational awareness regarding the lateral acceleration forces exhibited on the vehicle while providing additional awareness through features like a dual load mode, plus adjustable vehicle load calibration. 


With R’Over™ dash board monitor, data acquisition and storage can be used for vehicle monitoring and for incident re-creation purposes.

Garbage Truck Rollover Prevention
  • Visual and audible cues scale higher as risk increases to enhance operator awareness.

  • Easily installed in less than an hour.

  • Touch screen setting and calibration.

  • Easy demonstration kit available.

  • Retrofit opportunities (to help fleet managers configure multiple models/years).

  • Customized sensitivity setting for safety manager confirmation.

  • Store and Download 3-axis acceleration data when Safe Operating limits have been exceeded.

  • Proven history of helping aid driver's improve their awareness to help  prevent rollovers.

Rollover Concrete Truck
Demonstration Kits are available for no obligation trial.
Garbage Truck Rollover Warning

Easy to use software via touch screen interface:

  • Sensitivity

  • Dual load mode (full or empty)

  • Side to side sensitivity (accounts for concrete drum rotation)

  • Data storage via SD card

  • Graphical warning options (side to side or up/down)

  • Passcode protected

  • Software included to help assess data, driver performance etc.

Technical Specifications

Rollover Warning

Sensitivity Settings (Full Scale)

Rollover warning
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