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Stability Dynamics
Team Eagle

Stability Dynamics, (a Team Eagle Company) produces vehicle rollover warning and data recording devices for operator awareness and vehicle monitoring applications.

Our product line was originally developed in response to a Transport Canada study into the rollovers of several Aircraft Rescue Fire Fighting (ARFF) vehicles. The study revealed that operators that were unfamiliar with the low rollover threshold of their vehicles were exceeding vehicle limits. The study concluded that operators needed to be trained to recognize and respect these limits and the LG Alert™ was developed as a means to accomplish this.

The LG Alert™ Rollover Warning System is suitable for use on any non-articulated vehicle and is particularly beneficial where the vehicle is subjected to high cornering speeds, uneven terrain, dynamic loads (such as tankers) or by design has a high center of gravity. The MADASS™ device is an add-on unit that may be used for data acquisition, vehicle monitoring and incident re-creation purposes.

The market segments that we serve have now expanded beyond ARFF vehicles and includes general fire fighting apparatus, ready mix concrete trucks, waste management trucks and military vehicles.


In addition to our rollover prevention tools, we also offer the CleanRide UV-C® system, which provides a medical-grade UV-C LED light solution for cleaning the surfaces and air in vehicles. This innovative system is designed to reduce the risk of viral cross-contamination, ensuring the safety and confidence of employees, customers, and the public in various vocational vehicle industries. At Team Eagle, we are committed to providing cutting-edge solutions that help improve driver safety and reduce accidents in the workplace.

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