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The LG Alert™ is a patented Rollover Warning System designed to assist drivers in recognizing when they are approaching the safe operating limits of their vehicle. The LG Alert™ monitors and acts upon lateral force signals from the accelerometer.


Our Single Axis display provides incremental visual and
audible indications to the driver as lateral "g" forces on the vehicle increase, warning the driver of pending loss of control.

The LG Alert™ is uniquely designed so that it may be individually calibrated to any straight chassis vehicle. The types of vehicles benefiting from the LG Alert™ system typically have a high center of gravity, dynamic load, are subjected to high cornering speeds and/or operate on uneven terrain. These types of vehicles include emergency response vehicles, ready mix concrete trucks, waste management trucks and military equipment. 

Fire Truck Rollover Safety

“66% of all fire truck accidents resulting in fatalities are rollover.” The Association for Advancement of Automotive Medicine.

  • Rugged origins started with military/off-road applications.

  • Standard feature for ARFF trucks and easy specs to included.

  • Visual and audible (scaling higher as lateral acceleration increases) cues/alerts.

  • Easy demonstration kit available.

  • Simple installation (1 hour).

  • Retrofit opportunities (to help fleet managers configure multiple models/years).

  • Customized sensitivity setting for safety manager confirmation.

  • Filtering for ‘road noise’ included.

  • NFPA 414 compliant.

  • Check out the Canadian Combat Training Center (CTC) report.

FAA Advisory Circular 150/5220-10E Guide Specification for Water/Foam Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting Vehicles 4.11.8 "A lateral acceleration indicator that is adjustable for sensitivity and that provides both visual and audio signals and warnings to the driver shall be provided".

LG Alerts™ are installed in 000s of commercial, emergency, and military vehicles in over 100 countries, and have helped reduce ARFF rollovers in North America by over 90% within the first few years of introduction. Demonstrating the reliability, there have been an estimate of less than 1% utilizing the warranty.


With the high risk of rollover accidents, businesses and organizations need to prioritize driver safety. LG Alert provides an added layer of protection by warning drivers of potential rollover risks and allowing them to take corrective action before an accident occurs.

Cost Savings:

Rollover accidents can be extremely expensive, both in terms of property damage and liability claims. By implementing LG Alert, companies and organizations can  reduce the risk of accidents and avoid costly repairs, insurance claims, and lawsuits.

Driver Retention:

Providing a safe workplace is key to retaining drivers and reducing turnover. LG Alert helps to create a safer workplace by reducing the risk of accidents and demonstrating a commitment to driver safety.

Regulatory compliance:

There are a number of regulations and safety standards that apply to the operation of vocational vehicles. LG Alert helps businesses and organizations to stay compliant and avoid fines and penalties for non-compliance.

Display Module
Bilateral indicator lights
Built-in and remote audible alarms

Base Module
Triaxial accelorometers
Adjustable sensitivity
Water resistant
Vibration resistant
Elimination of false warnings

Power requirements

Standard 12Vdc power input operation

Optional 24 to 12 Vdc power converter available.

LG Alerts™ are manufactured in an ISO9001 Certified Facility.

Demonstration Kits are available for no obligation trial.
Military Vehicle Rollover Prevention
“The drivers have acquired a sense of security and are now able to maximize the performance of the vehicles while maintaining a high level of confidence. ”

Deputy Canadian Forces Fire Marshall
Fire Truck Rollover Prevention

“The operators now know how to maintain a safe speed and respond without putting the vehicle over its limits and a possible rollover.”
William Hutfilz ARFF Training Officer McCarran International Airport, Las Vegas, NV

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